The 12th Annual Underserved Medicine Seminar took place during the Winter 2019 quarter at UCSB. Over the course of 10 weeks, the 250 students who were enrolled in the class took a deep dive into the vast world of humanitarian medicine. With topics ranging from neglected tropical diseases to the opioid crisis, students were inspired and encouraged to expand their notions regarding the numerous ways one can serve the most vulnerable of our population. Please view the slideshow below for an overview of the lessons and topics explored throughout the duration of the course featuring our incredible guest speakers.



  • Week 1: Introduction to Humanitarian Medicine and Social Justice Advocacy Making Emergency Medicine from The Streets of NYC to the World - Sean Kivlehan MD, MPH (pictured)• Without Borders/Without Walls – Global and Local Principles of Emergency Humanitarian Medicine and Infrastructure Development; Lessons Learned from Caring for Populations Displaced by War and Poverty - Jason Prystowsky, MD, MPH