In the Park

Pershing Park was the first clinic started by Doctors Without Walls-Santa Barbara Street Medicine. It was created in 2005 and consisted of only three dedicated doctors. Since then this clinic has greatly expanded along with the rest of the organization. Doctors Without Walls chose this park due of the large group of homeless that come to Pershing for the free meal provided by the SB ACT. The clinic happens every Wednesday at 5:30pm.

On the Street

In addition to the Pershing Park clinic, teams are deployed to do street rounds. There are two teams: one composed of outreach volunteers and another that gives out medical care. The medical team consists of a clinician, a nurse or EMT, a scribe, a packs volunteer, a peacekeeper and an outreach volunteer who make rounds on foot or in the clinic van. Both teams are dedicated to providing health care to patients they encounter directly where it is needed, whether that is a bench, a park, or along the beach.

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