The Companion Care program assists the homeless in receiving medical mental health care. The Companion Care team sets medical and mental health appointments on behalf of patients, secures transportation to their appointments, and connects them with other county resources. With a goal of improving the overall quality of health of this patient population, the Companion Care program is staffed by student volunteers. Our program collaborates with local clinics, shelters, and nonprofits to ensure that the patients have the necessary means to manage chronic conditions and treat acute conditions.

The benefits of Companion Care are not only humanitarian in nature, but also economical. Untreated chronic illness can eventually develop into complex medical issues that demand countless healthcare resources. Proper management of chronic illnesses and preventive care can play a major role in reducing the burden that these complications place on an already burdened healthcare system. With the help of our Companion Care team, the local homeless can seek treatment for their chronic conditions and manage them, before they become painful and costly emergencies.

Our Mission

We seek to companion the homeless in their pursuit of a better life. From assisting them in getting medical care to connecting them with other local resources that can aid them in non-medical issues. Companions seek to empower the homeless through relationship building, honesty and trust. We will be there every step of the way, standing in solidarity, and together we can overcome the barriers to healthcare that the homeless experience.

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