If you’d like to be part of a great cause and give back to the local community, there are numerous ways to get involved with us!

1. Volunteer for outreach. Whether you are a health-care provider, student, or any other professional, the need for services is endless. Please contact us and we will find a way to best put your individual skills to use.

2. Make a financial contribution. Your donations go towards continuing and expanding our outreach, education, and advocacy.

3. Make a donation of medical supplies for outreach. A donation of medical supplies would allow us to directly put your donations to use, and can include anything from medical packs to socks. Contact our communications team to find out how we can best use your supply donations!

4. Sign up for our E-Newsletter. Our monthly newsletter includes stories of outreach, upcoming events, and important messages from our staff. It’s a great way to find out even more about our organization and stay updated on pressing issues in our community. There is a sign-up form at the bottom of every page.

5. Spread the word. Share our website either through Facebook, Twitter, or email with someone you think would like to learn about our cause.