Underserved Medicine Seminar

Using service and problem-based learning methodologies, the seminar explores unique medical needs of vulnerable, underserved populations internationally and locally. Guest speakers discuss topics ranging from refugee health, homelessness, humanitarian aid in conflict zones, care of military veterans, global health development, care of migrant farm workers, and more. The seminar is open to community members as well as students of UCSB. The course coordinator is Jason Prystowsky, MD, MPH.

The course has a Facebook page open to the public:  “UCSB Underserved Medicine Course” where various articles, volunteer opportunities, and discussion forums may take place.

This is a pass/no pass seminar. There are no exams or papers for this class. Attendance for enrolled UCSB students is mandatory. You may miss one class and one discussion. If you miss a second lecture and second discussion, you must meet with the coordinator to discuss make-up opportunities. Falsely attesting class attendance can be grounds for academic disciplinary action. Attendance will be taken via an iClicker pole. To receive credit please register your iClicker and make sure to bring your iClicker to class.

For more information contact us.

Mark Stinson Memorial Austere Medicine – Medical Reserve Corp Leaders Course

The “MRC Leaders Course” is an annual interdisciplinary training held locally, created by DWW-SBSM inpartnership with Santa Barbara County EMSA, Santa Barbara County MRC and Direct Relief International. This course prepares local MRC leaders for disaster response in austere conditions. This course is also used as a model for MRC development in other communities. Course instructors are experts with field experience in disaster, international and wilderness medicine. Course attendees are MRC volunteers and prospective MRC volunteers selected for their leadership ability.