We are proud to partner with these local, national and international philanthropic organizations to develop and deliver hands-on medical outreach and educational programs in Santa Barbara County. To learn more about our partners and to view their website, please click on the name of the partner whose website you wish to view.

Direct Relief International (DR) provides medical assistance to improve the quality of life for people affected by poverty, disaster, and civil unrest at home and throughout the world. DR directly and profoundly strengthens our efforts by providing essential material resources and administrative partnership.

Street Medicine International (SMI) is a forum of humanitarian organizations that bring healthcare to the homeless and poor communities around the world. The forum promotes collaboration and communication and provides a network of support to all street medical outreach organizations.

Operation Safety Net (OSN) is a medical outreach program that provides primary care to homeless people in the Pittsburgh area, through multi-disciplinary street teams. Founded by Dr. Jim Withers in 1992, OSN is recognized as one of nations leading street medicine programs.

Transition House is a non-profit organization serving homeless families in Santa Barbara. For 25 years, the organization has worked to solve homelessness and welfare dependence among families by providing a variety of services that address the root cause of these two obstacles to independent family living – poverty.

Organic Soup Kitchen is a local non-profit committed to serving organic, wholesome food to prevent nutritional deficiencies in financially challenged individuals. It is their belief that no individual, regardless of their financial status, should be forced to compromise the quality of the food that they feed themselves or their families.

SB County Emergency Medical Services Agency (EMSA) is a division of the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department. SBCEMSA provides system guidance and oversight through prehospital provider driven policy development and a comprehensive quality improvement program.

UCSB Street Health Organization is a student organization dedicated to health promotion, wellness, and community outreach which was inspired by, and is affiliated with, DWW-SBSM.

SB County Department of Behavioral Wellness provides inpatient, outpatient, and crisis services to children and adults suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and/or mental illness. For more information on services, individuals can call the 24-hour toll free access line at (888) 868-1649.