In the Park

Doctors Without Walls’ most popular and busiest clinic is the one held Thursday evenings at 5:30 at Alameda Park in downtown Santa Barbara, roughly 2 miles from Pershing Park on foot. This clinic was opened in response to the needs of our patients. Walking across town to get a meal or see a doctor is not always worth it when weighed against having your property stolen or walking back when it’s dark and cold. This is the core mission of Doctors Without Walls: to provide volunteer medical care to the most vulnerable populations when and where they need it. While we provide care to these people, we try our best to understand these considerations.

On the Street

In addition to the Alameda Park clinic there is also a dedicated outreach team. This team consists of Companion Care volunteers who seek out those in need but are unable to reach us or are unaware of our services. They help with referrals and escort patients to our location where they can receive much needed medical care. A clinician will join as needed to perform on the spot diagnoses and treatment for non-ambulatory cases.

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