By Matt Daly


McKesson Corporation is the largest and oldest pharmaceutical company in the United States. Every year, McKesson recognizes their most deserving employees with an annual ‘Community Hero Award.’ This award is given out based on philanthropy and volunteer work. In May 2017, Kaci Wilhelm, a Doctors Without Walls volunteer, received this honorable award along with a $5,000 grant from McKesson Corporation. The money Kaci has acquired is helping Doctors Without Walls -Santa Barbara Street Medicine afford the medications and supplies needed to continue providing care to our community and improving the health of Santa Barbara county.

Kaci Wilhelm began volunteering with Doctors Without Walls 2 years ago. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kaci attended pharmacy school and continued to pursue a residency program in Texas. While working at MD Andersen Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, Kaci met Jason Dominguez. A long time friend of Doctors Without Walls, Jason helped inspire Kaci to move out west. It was not long before Kaci was volunteering in the park clinics alongside the rest of the Doctors Without Walls team.

Kaci began volunteering with DWW because she recognized the immense need to help the underserved population of Santa Barbara. After she was introduced to the organization at one of the Underserved Medicine Seminars held at UCSB in the winter, Kaci began volunteering at the park clinics. Kaci can often be found in Pershing Park on Wednesday evenings helping manage the medications with the Packs team. Kaci thoroughly enjoys the direct patient care involved in her role with DWW. In her current position, she does not interact with patients on a daily basis. As a DWW volunteer, Kaci is able to build relationships with patients and truly connect on a deeper level. Kaci notes that DWW has forced her to recognize the stigma present in society against the houseless population. DWW has helped her break free from these stereotypes and see people in their true form. In addition to the unparalleled patient exposure, Kaci appreciates the inspiration she receives every week from the team of passionate volunteers working beside her.

Kaci – with your help, the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and students volunteering with DWW will be able to continue rendering care to the most vulnerable members of our community. On behalf of the entire organization, we would like to thank you for your amazing work in the parks and dedication to improving the reach of our team!