The Monitoring, Information Technology and Evaluation (MITE) Team

street-team02What is a MITE team member? First and foremost, we are interested in the health of our patients and the greater good of our community. Like other volunteers, we are trained as medical scribes for our park clinics and volunteers for our Women’s Free Homeless Clinic (WFHC). But we are also involved in something more. Thanks to the vision and dedication of Dr. Daniel Fishbein (MITE founder), we have fully transitioned to an electronic medical record (EMR) and are responsible for all things “data”. We ensure the stability of our clinics by setting up and maintaining our EMR, as well as the stability of our funding by providing data for grants and publications. We may be small, but we are an integral part of the DWW-SBSM community.


The MITE team exists for the purpose of (1) monitoring data input, (2) upkeep of information technology, and (3) data evaluation for the purpose of quality improvement


To improve the capacity of DWW-SBSM to provide evidence-based medicine to our patient population.

PROJECTS (pending):

MITE team members have the unique opportunity to be a part of various research, evaluation, and quality improvement projects in addition to volunteering in the parks. Team members have used MAD365-based interventions to evaluate our influenza vaccination Pharmacy-5program, identify other sources of care of our homeless clients, and track the progress of other projects within the organization. MITE team members presented findings from these projects at the International Street Medicine Symposium in 2014 in Dublin.