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The following data was collected from January 1st to December 31st of 2011.

Doctors on our street teams and in the women’s clinic have encountered roughly 1600 patients since the beginning of 2011. 1149 of these were at one of the street clinics, either Alemeda, Pershing or Isla Vista and 445 more were from the bi-monthly Women’s Free Health Clinic (WFHC).  Patients seen by the street teams were 75% male and 25% female. Of the 445 women seen at the women’s clinic 244 received medical care and the remainder accessed many of our other services.

The chart to the right shows the medical conditions seen by our doctors as a percentage of the total number of patients.   As shown in the chart our patients experience a range of medical problems many of which are worsened by the conditions present when living on the street.

When taking a patients history we ask for the length of their current episode of homelessness.  This is a very important statistic that illustrates whether the individual has been chronically homeless for a long period of time or if they have recently moved to the streets. One quarter of our patients have been on the streets one year or less and over 60% have been homeless less than 10 years. Many more of our patients were unable to, or chose not to state exactly how many years it has been.

Lastly is the age of patients that we encounter.