The Underserved Medicine Seminar is one of the programs of Doctors Without Walls-Santa Barbara Street Medicine (DWW-SBSM). This class, like all of the work of DWW-SBSM, is a collaborative and volunteer effort. None of our speakers are accepting honorariums or any financial rewards to participate in teaching this class. They have all volunteered their time and come to UCSB at their own expense to share with you because they are passionate about caring for the underserved and about educating the next generation of humanitarian healers. DWW-SBSM is a grassroots volunteer organization and the teaching of this seminar is consistent with the values of the sponsoring organization.

Students at UCSB love the Underserved Medicine Seminar and are inspired by it to do amazing volunteer work locally and beyond. Dialogue should never be confined within the walls of academia. To effectively serve the most vulnerable and marginalized requires dialectic and creative problem solving between academic scholars and the men and women in the field with proximity to the beneficiaries. Thus we welcome members of the community and UCSB faculty/staff to attend the class alongside the enrolled students to discuss the issues critically.  We encourage members of the local humanitarian community to include students in their work and for students to engage members of the community in discussion.

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Download the Winter 2013 course syllabus and schedule here.

Lectures will take place Tuesdays from 6-8:30pm starting on January 8th

LOCATION CHANGED:  Lectures are now in Harold Frank Hall (HFH) #1104 (map)

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Winter 2013 Lecturer Schedule

Jason Prystowsky, MD, MPH, 1/8/2013

Lecture Title: Without Borders/Without Walls – Global and Local Principles of Emergency Humanitarian Medicine and Infrastructure Development; Lessons Learned from Caring for Populations Displaced by War and Poverty

James Rolfe DDS, 1/15/2013

Lecture Title: Liberty and Justice for All 

Simon Fox, 1/15/2013

Lecture Title: The Medicine of Compassion: Four Core Skills for the Human Side of Health Care

Alan Brown MD, FACC, 1/22/2013

Lecture Title: Serving as a Battalion Surgeon in Afghanistan: caring for Afghan villagers and US Marines

Takashi Wada, MD, MPH, 1/22/2013

Lecture Title: Foundations of Public Health

Sara L. Doorley, MD, 1/29/2013

Lecture Title: Social Medicine and the Migrant Farmworker

Paul Jaconette MPH, 1/29/2013

Lecture Title: The Financing and Delivery of Healthcare

Matthew Waxman, MD, FACEP, DTM&H, 2/5/2013

Lecture Title: Primary Care of the Medically Indigent in Los Angeles County Emergency Departments

Sara Lary, DO, DTM&H, 2/5/2013

Lecture Title: The International Osteopath

Cyleste C. Collins, Ph.D., 2/12/2013

Lecture Title: Cultural Models and Health: Poverty, Race and Place

Kathleen Clem MD, FACEP, 2/12/2013

Lecture Title: International Emergency Medicine: Ethical Dilemmas and Limitations

Tim Holtz MD, MPH, FACP, 2/19/2013

Lecture Title: The Practice of Human Rights Medicine: from the Himalayas to Randomized Controlled Trials

James Withers, MD, 2/29/2013

Lecture Title: Seeing Things From the Outside: The Origins of Street Medicine

Richard Eisner, FAIA, 2/26/2013

Lecture Title: Lessons from the Response to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Brett Williams, 2/26/2013

Lecture Title: Improving the Health and Lives of People affected by Poverty, Disaster, and Civil Unrest

John Tveten, MD, 3/5/2013

Lecture Title: How I Became a Doctor, My Work in Indian Health

James O’Connell, MD,  3/5/2012

Lecture Title: Reflections from the Streets of Boston: Lessons Learned over the Past 25 Years

Indi Trehan MD, MPH, DTM&H, 3/12/2013

Lecture Title: Stories from the Field. . . Neglected Tropical Diseases

Parminder Suchdev MD, MPH, 3/12/2013

Lecture Title: Is short-term global health volunteerism justified?: A proposed model for sustainable collaborations


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