What Does a Donation to Doctors Without Walls Fund?

Your donation to Doctors Without Walls funds three efforts that are intertwined throughout our programs. Providing medical relief to the most in need also provides our students with an outstanding educational opportunity while also preparing our medical relief teams to respond to disasters, such as earthquakes or fires.

Medical Relief For Those Most In Need…

Patient care for those in need sits at the heart of DWW, and our operating budget consistently allocates roughly 90% of our expenses to our programs. Your donation would help fund our street clinic programs with medicine and supplies as well as helping provide at-risk women with a safe shelter at Women’s Free Homeless Clinic to even local disaster relief responses by the MRC.

A Humbling Education For Future Leaders…

Through outreach at Isla Vista and the Underserved Medicine Seminar, DWW has established a rigorous student-volunteer base of UCSB and SBCC students. Your donation provides students with a hands-on experience to develop crucial skills often lacking in the classroom, namely empathy and compassion. Additionally, the Underserved Medicine class continues to inspire students to be leaders in the medical field; many of our dedicated volunteers and students have gone on to professional schools in the medical field. DWW equips its student volunteers with the skills to be future leaders capable of carrying on the crucial practice of humanitarian medicine in all corners of the world. To see some of our current student leadership, please visit our staff page.

Disaster Medical Preparedness From A True Inter-Professional Team…

If a disaster should occur in our community, many of our community members would be homeless, suffering from lack of access to shelter, food, and medical care. It is our firm belief that the best way to train our mobile teams to respond to disasters is to treat the medically underserved.

To make a donation, please visit our donate page.

Your donation to Doctors Without Walls plays a crucial role in funding the sustainability and growth of our dynamic community programs.Thank you for supporting the wonderful practice of humanitarian medicine.

For any questions regarding funding, making a donation, or to schedule a private presentation, please fill out the form below. All correspondences will be answered promptly by our communications team. Or please feel free to call us at 805.455.4234

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Dr. Polito treats a patient

Dr. Polito treats a patient

Volunteer Training courtesy of super-volunteer Aaron Lewis

Volunteer Training courtesy of super-volunteer Aaron Lewis


Our Mobile Clinical Teams Are Ready For Any Needs

Our Mobile Clinical Teams Are Ready For Any Needs