WFHC Nurse Practitioner, Jorie Nilson, evaluates a client’s health needs.

The literature of the past 150 years abounds with countless data and narratives that point towards the dire health consequences of poverty and socioeconomic deprivation. While women typically enjoy a longer life span then men, this competitive advantage virtually disappears in the homeless population. Exposed and vulnerable, women on the streets are particularly susceptible to the threat of physical and sexual abuse, as well as negative health outcomes. DWW recognizes the stark health effects of such conditions and that is why Women’s Free Homeless Clinic is one of our most treasured programs.

A Place for Women to feel safe and a sense of belonging…

The main goal of the Women’s Free Homeless Clinic (WFHC) is to provide a safe and trusting environment in which the homeless women of Santa Barbara can access free medical care, mental health consultations, and referrals to other community resources. While providing medical care in a welcoming environment is our main goal, the services offered have expanded in order to promote health, not just provide healthcare. In order to achieve this, an integrative approach is necessary. Medical providers, social workers, therapists, acupuncturists, educators, students, a Qi Gong instructor and community members work together to make the clinic what it has now become. Basic needs services such as laundry, showers, lunch, hygiene care and clothing are offered to support the overall well-being of WFHC clients.

The Women’s Free Homeless Clinic is now offered on the second, third and fourth Fridays of every month from 9:30am to 2:00pm at the Transition House (434 E. Ortega Street). Free round-trip transportation is offered from various downtown locations, including Alameda Park, Pershing Park and Casa Esperanza.

Thank you to our collaborative partnerships: Transition HouseOrganic Soup Kitchen, and EasyLift.

WFHC Clients enjoying Qi Gong

WFHC Clients enjoying Qi Gong

Our Vision for the Future…

DWW recognizes that immense need of women on the streets and we are hard at work to expand WFHC to a weekly event. With increased funding and support from community volunteers, we strive to make this goal a reality.

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